It is with great pleasure to announce that along with my Etsy store ( Rugaddicted) I have an external but linked account.

With a background in fine arts and being from a family of fine carpet collectors this shop was inevitable. Always having an eye for beauty and an addictive personality, I embarked on a quest, buying, consulting and becoming educated by some of the most knowledgeable people who collect, sell and teach fabric arts at fine art schools. I continue to appreciate the workmanship and artistry that is the process of rug weaving.

I love that these carpets are made from all natural materials and that most look better with age and appreciate in value. I search for carpets of many styles as trends change. If you are in the market for a floor covering, I encourage you to consider a handmade carpet. They are beautiful, all natural materials, one of a kind.

That all being said I have found a wonderful welcoming environment to sell one of a kind hand knotted rugs to a new generation who is really establishing a high regard for these old rugs and carpets. First they will outlast any mass produced "Antique look" carpets. Be careful to buy from a reputable dealer and not buy a mass produced rug no matter how much you like it. It will lose 1/2 It's value the minute you take it from the shop.( think P Barn and renovaters w/house) when possible look for an original work of art. Persian rugs almost always increase in value, as do many Turkish rugs. They are beautiful, age gracefully, and 100 percent degradable. Polypropylene will never fully break down in the next millennia and it does not wear well or clean easily.

I started my Etsy shop with mostly Persian rugs and carpets. Sadly they are now embargoed items. I still have a collection of Persian rugs that I sell on a linked website
( Although I will not buy any rugs directly from Iran ( Persia). There are many of these beauties sold at auctions all over the world. I find them and always keep an eye out for hand made rugs.

Read reviews: whoever you do business with. There are no "fabricated" reviews on Etsy and a great network of seller's of all things handmade and Vintage.